An apology to my younger self.

So many memories, so many tears. Don’t worry girl, I can assure you they weren’t wasted. They shaped you, helped grow you into the woman you are now (when did you start calling yourself a woman??)
The times you were told you were too strange so you stopped with your quirky ways, sorry babes. You sit and laugh like a hyena all you want.

When society told you straight hair was the key to being ‘beautiful’ (lol), sorry. Throw out the straightener, go wash your hair and scrunch scrunch scrunch the curls into place girl.

When he told you that you deserved better and you considered being less of yourself just to gain his affection. Go slap yourself, dust off your crown and be the badass that you are.

When that one girl tripped you down the stairs and mocked you for wearing a blazer and ripped jeans aged 16. Turn and tell her that you know for sure in a few years she will be wearing a blazer and ripped jeans herself. To that nasty girl..who’s laughing now? Yeah.
Side note, that same girl also called you a ‘curly haired bi#*$’ the girl in question also now uses a curler to get the curls she mocked you for. K then.

To that one guy who said you weren’t feminine because you liked wearing trainers. Props to you for this one, you busted the Air Maxes out and wore them with pride. What the fudge is feminine and how to we stop the world from telling us how to live?!

The times you sat feeling lost and confused with where your career would take you. Chill your beans, life will throw surprises and curve balls, but rest assured you will be happy.

To the old friends who didn’t understand why you found it so hard to leave the house and meet up. You were in tears and felt like you lost everything, trust me, you gained so much more. You will see this soon.

Aged 23years old you spent every morning waking up in tears and every night with a heavy chest. I can’t promise you this will ever end, but I can promise you I’m here holding your hand every step of the way. We will get through this, together.

In the meantime you do you booboo *insert peace sign emoticon* 


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