It’s the thigh of the tiger.

For as long as I can remember, a thigh gap was all I craved. Being short and curvy I was setting myself for a goal was required a lot of determination/thigh gap plastic surgery (yeah that’s a legit thing) and to be quite honest with you, I love food way too much. I would have to stop eating for the rest of my life for the ‘fat’ on my thighs to melt and I am not that girl.

No one is perfect, so to allow social media or another female make me feel inadequate because of the size of my body is setting myself up for disappointment. It wasn’t until I hit my mid 20’s that I had to really sit back and question why I was so self-conscious about my thighs, so I made a pros and cons list aka Jessica Rabbit body v Cinderella:


– Chafing (not about that burn mark life)

– Trousers ripping from the chafing – seriously why?!

– Never being able to sit down looking cool as my thighs are the size of pluto

Feeling like a lump of lard in light coloured jeans

– Having thicker thighs than most men


– I can catch food on my thighs successfully, win for me

– Keeps me warm. Win x2

– I don’t need to do as many squats, thick thighs = bigger bum. Spend that 20 mins eating two desserts, duh!

– Culturally women only really began to wear trousers in early 1920’s, so why has this sudden thigh gap craze become acceptable?

– They are a part of me and I am still a woman with meatier thighs

– The girls in the magazines with the ‘gaps’ don’t even have those gaps I craved for years…the wonders of Photoshop

– What would I really gain from life with the gap? I would be a miserable sad peanut butter deprived girl. Trust me I tried a week without this, I was hangry multiplied by a gazillion.

– Would I be a better person with a thigh gap? See above, hangry is an evil feeling.

– I literally fill all of my jeans, basically getting my money’s worth 🙂


Clearly the pros list won. Will it ever stop me from having my moments where I crave a gap? Of course not, but I guess I can always refer back to my list and remind myself that I am still me without the gap and that’s ok.

Ps love you Jessica #teamthunderthighs